Female Athlete’s Clothing – Surely There Should Be More Options Out There For Us!

Julia Constantin squat female athlete powerlifter strongman

Being a Powerlifting and Strongman Athlete, I have a body shape a bit different to most of the general population, so I find it extremely hard to shop for anything apart from gym wear! … actually, sometimes gym wear!!

Julia Constantin squat focusBecause I’m so tall, ‘high waisted’ shorts/skirts are never actually high waisted and when I try and size up it becomes just too big.

I’m lucky I live in the Sunshine State (Queensland, Australia) because any nice-looking jackets are just not an option. Denim or Leather jackets are a no go; I can’t find anything that is big enough to fit around my upper back and arms without looking like a sack and changing the look of the jacket.

And then there is jeans… well… I’ve honestly given up on wearing jeans. They can either never fit up my legs or around my butt or if they do I’ll be pulling them up all the time to stay up… There are some okay jean leggings (jeggings) out there but there are also some awful ones.

Women’s bodies are becoming more athletic looking, so surely there should be more options out there for us!

Julia Constantin

Powerlifter & Strongman Athlete